Senior Extensionologist Certification

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I am so excited to be able to offer this course to you!

Our Extensionologist Senior Level Certification Course will bring you all the confidence you need to start an amazing career in extensions installation.

With this course, you get to choose ONE method you'd like to perfect. We'll spend 5 hours working together to finish a full installation on a live model.

Extensionologist classes are open to new and previously trained extensionist. 

For classes outside of Georgia: Hotel accommodations for one night and flight cost will be covered by the student. 
  • 1 Day
  • Unlimited Hours (you are purchasing a full day with me)
  • Live Models
  • One Method Taught:
    Method Options; Tape-In, K-Tip, I-Tip, or Sew-In Weft
  • Extensionologist Certificate Included
This is how your time in class will be spent:

First, we'll chat about why and how you chose your methods; the length, grams, and colors you or I chose for the model; honing in on which questions to ask during consultation and how to apply that information to execute a confident consultation.

During the installation portion of the class, we will learn how to combine your two methods seamlessly—first, determining what our placement of the rows will be, identifying any "no-go zones," focusing on perfecting each individual section relative to the client's hair density in each area, and determining how we'll use the selected colors to create the overall desired look.

Shaping and Blending:
We all know you can install a beautiful set of extensions, but if you aren't properly cutting and blending them, the overall look can be ruined. In this portion of class, we'll go over proper cutting and blending techniques on your live model.

You may think, "Oh, I'm amazing with a curling iron, I got this!" Well, I hate to break it to you, but there's a specific way to style extensions for the most seamless blend. Don't worry, though—we'll learn all the trick and tips for you as a stylist, as well as how to help translate that look at home for your client.

Photo/Video Shoot:
Okay, so we just created this flawless transformation, now we need to show it off to the world on all of our social media platforms. We'll go over all of the lighting and best picture and video practices, not only at the end of the service for the perfect "after" shot, but also as we are working for the perfect "behind-the-scenes" shot!

At-Home Care:
Half of the battle with healthy hair extensions is properly educating your client on how to take care of her extensions at home. We'll finish our model portion of class with how to properly educate your guest on how to care for her extensions. 

With whatever time we have left, we'll chat anything and everything you may still have questions about. And yes, that includes pricing!

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